Flatworld Live

Our live album, of tracks recorded at Colwall Village Hall and Ludlow Festival Fringe, 25 April and 6 July 2008.

Performing with guest Georgina Clarke (violin), it captures the band in full flight, at the top of their game. The next best thing to having been there!

Flatworld Live CD Cover

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The Flatworld Live CD costs £6. You can buy it from us at gigs or order it on-line below, paying by credit card via PayPal (with 75p shipping).

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Flatworld Live can be downloaded from Bandcamp. You can purchase the whole album (for £5) or just individual tracks (75p each).

The Tracks

A traditional tune, we believe, recorded by Nigel Kennedy and Kroke.
The Man in the Brown Hat
A tune written by hurdy gurdy player Chris Stapleton and most famously recorded and performed by English folk band Blowzabella. Like them, we've put it with the Swedish traditional Schottische från Haverö.
Jerzy BawoĊ‚, Kroke's accordionist, played this to Neil on the car stereo one evening as the band were packing up after performing at the Courtyard in Hereford. "Collected in a car park", as Neil likes to announce at Flatworld gigs. We had to make a small change so it could be played on mandolin and violin (composer Tomasz Kukurba plays viola in Kroke).
Les Poules Huppées
Ex-band member Jonathan Penley collected this tune and the other we've put with it, Mazurka Limousin, on the circle dance scene in England. The first tune was written by French hurdy gurdy player Gilles Chabenat, while the second is traditional. We're very proud of the praise our video of this track received, from melodion.net, no less: "Frank cultural vandalism". We're so pleased they get it!
Khosid Dances
A couple of traditional Hungarian Jewish dance tunes, collected by Hungarian folk band Muzsikás from the Máramaros region of Transylvania.
Makedonsko Devojče
A Macedonian folk song, "Macedonian Girl". The chorus translates as, "Is there in this wide world, a more beautiful girl than a Macedonian? There isn't, there isn't, there won't be born a more beautiful girl than a Macedonian!" We suspect it may have been written by a Macedonian.
Nigun Atik
Perhaps the best-known composition by Israeli accordionist and song writer, Amitai Neeman. We've put it with the traditional wedding dance tune, Sherele.
The tune we most often close our shows with.